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Graham Trevor Dare retired Friday 13th January 2012 and left London, but is available for Skype readings, request via email, see contact page. Hayley Rogers took over the Healing Practice from 2008, after Tim Paul Hall died having been our healer since 2004. Grahamís 1st Massage and Special Treatment Camden licence was purchased 01/Sep/10, and he declined to renew it March 2012, and closed the clinic.
Graham was teetotal for 18 years 01/Jan/92-31/Dec/09.
On this page, and on , Graham posted on 16/Aug/11 warning of a California quake on 26/Aug/11 11pm local time, which then happened as predicted, see , the California Big one will be soon (posted 24/11/11). Graham did Crystal Ball readings with all donations to the Red Cross Japan 3/11 fund donation ref INC01036484 on 26th March at The Grand Hotel Folkestone. Note 11/Mar/11 was the last day of an 8 year period where Uranus was in Pisces.
Graham was in Japan 19-27/Oct/11 giving readings raising a further 1500 for the Japan Red Cross Society, see
At 18:45 GMT 28/Feb/54, and 06:45 local time 1/Mar/54, the US dropped the 1st operational H-bomb on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands near the international date line, at 600 times the strength of the Hiroshima a-bomb. On the other side of the world in London, at 18:45 GMT 28/Feb/54, Jean Marshall went into labour, and Graham Dare was born a Pisces 06:45 GMT 1/Mar/54 (early) at Thorpe Coombe Hospital, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17, on the Greenwich meridian line. Graham permanently has heat radiating from his hands which was used for Healing to help patients for whom conventional medicine is not the answer. Graham has had no days sick since leaving university in 1975 due to his healing energy.
Graham's power ranked him as the UK's No. 1 medium (see media clips, University Psychology Study), able to use contact with the spirit world to help customers with clairvoyant readings, either by appointment, e-mail, or telephone.
Graham sends out about one unsolicited letter a year offering a free reading to avoid a future problem, see Media Clips Testimonials. Examples of those not responded to are Diana Spencer 28/08/97; Sally Ann Bowman 23/06/05, plus numerous celebrities.
Documented on his on line account with Victor Chandler, Graham's team in 2008 picked 3 of the 1st 4 placed horses (inc the winner) out of 7 horses chosen in the National, and picked the correct 2 for the reverse forecast on the Derby. See Media clips Derren Brown.